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Help the Poor and Needy – Make this World a Better Place

This world is full of capabilities, but numerous people don’t get a chance to experience it. The class divide in our society persists, favoring only a few. Where some people can make use of the best luxuries out there, many still struggle with arranging two meals a day. Forget about the basic necessities of life, poor people are battling severe hunger and thirst. The consequences of poverty are extreme and create immense challenges for those suffering from it. Lovely Foundation, an NGO helping the poor, takes initiatives against the lack of food, water, clothing, and medical facilities.

Underprivileged people are constantly facing a lack of resources. This trial is beyond food and water. It makes children and adults vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases. Their lack of education makes them susceptible to child labour, violence, and abuse. It is the responsibility of society to take measures against poverty so that this world becomes a better place.

Non-governmental organizations have a role to play in eradicating poverty and helping the poor. Their commitment toward the needy and poor can bring a positive change not just in the lives of people but can also uplift society.

The Role of Lovely Foundation in Helping the Poor

Eliminating Hunger

Underprivileged people are constantly struggling with the shortage of food. Lack of proper food makes people prone to multiple diseases that have acute effects on the body. Children suffer from malnutrition which affects their overall physical and mental development. In the case of adults, diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes have prolonged repercussions. Food is necessary for the complete well-being of a person. Everybody needs food to lead a healthy and happy life.

Lovely Foundation is an NGO helping poor prone to lack of food. This Foundation in Mohali believes in the fact that no one deserves to sleep on an empty stomach. The volunteers of the organization find out about the vulnerable areas of society and distribute food to the needy. They make sure that the food prepared has the required nutritional value to fulfill the needs of the body.

Empowering Children

Education is the only powerful tool that can bring a favorable change in the lives of poor people. When a child gets a quality education, he becomes capable of creating opportunities and earning a living. Education has ripple effects that slowly bring big changes in the lives of individuals and society. It is the ultimate tool to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty. It makes children more confident and self-reliant in this unjust and unequal society.

Lovely Foundation abides by the fact that education is a fundamental right that must be available to all. The volunteers of the foundation arrange awareness and education camps in rural areas to bring consciousness among people for education. The idea is that every child must be entitled to free education and for this the foundation provides financial aid and mentorship to poor children.

Eradicating Poverty

Poverty is unforgiving as it takes a toll on those who suffer from it. Exposure to lower socio-economic standards negatively impacts individuals and makes them prone to various health risks. These risks range from heart disease, diabetes and hypertension to cancer, infant mortality and mental illness. It is our social responsibility to eliminate the root cause of this evil from society.

Lovely Foundation takes measures for the reduction, relief and alleviation of poverty. The foundation understands that poverty reduction will not only improve the lives of underprivileged people but will also result in overall economic growth. The volunteers of the NGO constantly work towards solving this problem by providing aid in health, education and infrastructure.

Focus on Healthcare

Underdeveloped areas lack health infrastructure and poor people don’t even have access to primary healthcare. People suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women, and children need quality healthcare in case of emergencies. Other than that, it is a great contributor to the improved lives of the people. Better health encourages underprivileged society to move a step forward in the fight against poverty.

Lovely Foundation is an NGO helping the poor in such adverse conditions. It tries to create easy access to maternal health and medical supplies for children, adults, and old people. It also provides ambulances for vulnerable areas. The volunteers organize health camps that are equipped with proper medicines, point-of-care tests, and specialized healthcare providers.

Bottom Line

Numerous people are trapped in the clutches of poverty. It is limiting their experience of life, making them more vulnerable day by day. The resources of this land must not be confined to a privileged class of people. The poor need our help, together we can make this world a better place where no one is hungry, uneducated, or without the necessities of life.

Lovely Foundation takes a pledge to serve society and bridge the gap between disparity and a better life. The volunteers work relentlessly to provide food, education, and health to poor people.


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