Every Blood Donor is a Life Saver

There is no denying the fact that the human body is fragile, and one needs to look after themselves to maintain a healthy body. When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, each one of us feeds our body with everything that is required to do the needful. From regular exercise to consuming healthy foods and regular medical checkups, we invest our time, energy, and available resources to keep a well-functioning body.

However, there are times when even after taking care of our body some of us tend to fall ill. As a matter of fact, with the world developing at a fast pace, the human body has become more prone to diseases. Health concerns including Cancer, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, to name a few, can be found in every 3 to 4 out of 5 people. Certain health concerns can be treated by the medical professionals easily but there are some that require blood. And did you know that 12,000 people die every day in India due to the sheer lack of donated blood.

The lack of donated blood has been a major public health concern in the country, and it is we who can change the scenario. It doesn’t take much to donate blood, but it might mean the world to someone who gets a new life because of the same. There are many people who are open to donating blood but then we know a lot who hesitate to do so. They must know that the Almighty has given them the power to save someone’s life.

When you donate blood, it is not just that you save a life but there are many other related benefits for yourself.

Hereunder are the benefits of donating blood:

  • Your body detoxifies
  • Reduces cardiovascular risk factors
  • Reduces the risk of developing cancer
  • Stimulates blood cell production
  • Helps maintain a healthy liver
  • Helps maintain a healthy mental state

So, when you choose to donate blood, you not only choose to do it for the greater good of someone else, but also for yourself.

When you donate blood, it is not just that you save a life but there are many other related benefits for yourself.

A few misconceptions about blood donation:

  • The most common misconception everyone has is that they will faint or feel uncomfortable after donating blood. To clarify, nothing as such happens
  • You will not experience any kind of pain while donating blood
  • There will be no scarcity of blood in the body after donating the blood as even after the donation the body will have surplus quantity of blood
  • You will be immediately able to resume your everyday activities after donating the blood, though the doctor will advise you to refrain from exercise or heavy weightlifting for 12 hours after the donation
  • You will not get infected with AIDS if you donate the blood. All safety protocols are followed in the process of blood donation

Every blood donor is a hero and here’s your chance to be one

Lovely Foundation, a charitable organization that strives to empower lives and protect nature is organizing a Blood Donation Camp with an aim to save as many lives as possible. We welcome you with our hearts open to come, donate blood, and make a notable difference in someone’s life.

So, come one, come all because together we are strongest.